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The Great John Cage Project

The Great John Cage Project is inspired by 4’33”, the famous three-movement composition by American experimental composer John Cage. Rather than playing an instrument, the piece consists of sounds’ environment that the listeners hear while it is performed. John Wills is the mind behind this unique —quarantine inspired— project that invites contributors from around the world to […]

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Beatriz Ferreyra and the perpetual attempt by the solid and the fluid to interpenetrate

For the past twenty days, I have kept track of how I feel, and it has made me realise that the elasticity of time and space is defined by moments. Sometimes they feel like a thunderous glow overlaid by brief periods drafted in a thick black void. It is a beautiful and intense relationship with […]


Ellen Fullman and the long string instrument – A desire to connect in solitude

“Learn to love solitude,” said Andrei Tarkovsky as an example of resilience. That sophisticated process of learning and enjoying being with yourself. During these thirty-five days of imposed solitude, my body and my head have become receptors of eclectic experiences. The mood swings are constant, as well as acute episodes of emotional and mental sensitivity […]