kikna is a word in Old Icelandic that meant to bend at the knees. The word passed through kinke (German) to kink (Dutch)*

In the mid-20th century, kink took on a new meaning:

  • “A sexually abnormal person; one who practices sexual perversions; loosely, an eccentric, a person wearing noticeably unusual clothes, behaving in a startling manner, etc.”
  • “Of a thing (esp. clothing): sexually provocative in an unconventional way” 

The term “kink” encompasses sexual and non-sexual practices that have been historically stigmatized by being considered “abnormal” or “unusual.”

“Kink can be a vehicle for people to embrace their vulnerability, maintain intimate bonds with various people, and learn to communicate and negotiate varied sexual preferences in a non-judgmental way.”**


 Berlin, March 2023






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