Interview – Alexis Marshall (Daughters)

Everything he has is within him His shoes come up from off his feet The shadow haunts him for several yards The ghosts of what he was, desperate to keep up until gone  (…)  To know, to see for himself If there is an ocean beyond the waves, beyond the waves Daughters. Ocean Song. YouContinue reading “Interview – Alexis Marshall (Daughters)”

Interview – SRVD (Radio Slave & Patrick Mason)

*Lee la versión original en Castellano en Clubbingspain * “Here we are concerned with the coexistence of dissimilars, and the central points where fusion occurs are many: the ears of the listeners wherever they are. This disharmony, to paraphrase Bergson‘s statement about disorder, is simply a harmony to which many are not accustomed. ”- JohnContinue reading “Interview – SRVD (Radio Slave & Patrick Mason)”

Interview – Wiggle Records

“Wiggle is probably the longest-running underground party in London. There have been so many parties; it’s hard to pick out individual things. The first-ever party we were going to throw was in a penthouse flat on the river Thames. The thing we didn’t realise was that the London Marathon was on that day and allContinue reading “Interview – Wiggle Records”

Interview – Eli Keszler

The mind frame of Eli Keszler is complex, intricate. These are the same adjectives with which many critics have tried to label his sound. At the same time, his approach to music is not complex at all. He likes the timelessness of things, connecting with pure sounds, working with raw materials; to tell a story.Continue reading “Interview – Eli Keszler”

Interview – Hiro Kone

  According to Derrida, “deconstruction, the deconstructive experience, is placed between the closure and the end is placed in the reaffirmation of the philosophical.” The phenomenon is seen, not as a discipline or method, but as a framework for the “what is?” from a broader and transformative point of view. In the case of HiroContinue reading “Interview – Hiro Kone”