About me

Cherry · Caracas / Barcelona / Berlin

A perpetual search to shape my inner world has arisen from digging through my traumas and calling them by name. My life is a continuous exercise in creative experimentation with myself-identity.

My sensitive universe is made out of sounds, photography and words. I have reclaimed my unconscious space, numbed by pain, to transform it and become this transmutable being.

Welcome to this territory, where I claim back my artistic side as a nurturing practice. I work with different formats: conceptual photography/self-portrait, personal essays, poetry, and field recordings. These pieces are inspired by personal experiences.

I play to be an artist and, at the same time, a work of art.

My work has been featured in:

Fotografas Latam, Femlens, Feem Magazine #10, “Autumn Issue” by Collect Art Gallery, The Purposeful Mayonnaise Art Journal Issue 2.3, and in four collective exhibitions: “Habitar La Imagen III” (KarneKunst, Berlin), “Artbase” (Holy Art Gallery, London), “8 x 12” (Floor_ Gallery, Seoul), and “Light and Shadow” (Cista Arts, London)

Check out my mix included on NTS radio’s “Summer of Love 2022.”

Former editor & music journalist. My work has been published in Everlong Magazine, Subnoise.es, Clubbingspain, Indienauta, and  Crazyminds.es (Spain).  

I was a correspondent in Barcelona for DJProfile.TV (Latam). Also, music editor at Blasting News México, chief editor at DJ Planeta magazine and editorial assistant at CCS Semanario de entretenimiento.

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