Poem: Full Moon


The voluminous pulse of the karmic journey
Full moon, is that you?
Trembling across the sky
Anxiety is rambling,
making you sweat

A vase is morphing
within hundreds of definitions
As if your own story prevailed as a purpose
subjectivity redesigned
framed and exhibited
like a beautiful piece of art

Secrets are shining bright tonight,
~ Forbidden memories,
~ Doomed love stories,
Sitting at the bar with the shimmering curtain

A dialogue with your shadow self
Are you disconnecting or dissociating?
~so fast, within seconds~
Under the skin, everybody is safe
Except for that one walking towards the predator

Sleep deprivation and revelations
Nostalgia engraved on the walls
and bright lights are creeping in
like digital snakes

I wish the squicking floor weren’t followed me around
Sometimes, the place gets hot
White curtains and white lights
confronted by the blue sky
Full moon, are you gone?

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