Poem: Rosewater

The child


The room is on fire
So it is my heart
Waiting for the right way to die

Love is slippery
As if I’m trying to catch a cloud
My hair was stripped from my skull
Like a baptism or an exorcism

I’m becoming a new woman after the eclipse
I’ll be unique, pristine,
I’ll rise with the full moon howling your name
Echoes will chase you at midnight

I learned compassion through the eyes of hate
I learned self-love through the eyes of abandon

Light, thunder, water, oil
The vast power of love
Returned from the bottom of the ocean
To be lost forever

Jesus says my name
The Devil says my name
I tried to answer your call
And the night was upon us

Published by Cherry Adam

Moody experimentalist. Hypersensitive & Noir moments Poetry, Essays & Sound Experimentation Freelance Music Journalist

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