Poem: Cadaver Exquisito

Alquimista-Ludwig Zeller


]X[]H[ = Royal expedition in search of a display of Aurora Borealis.
]W[]N[]T[ = An otherwise unexplained fire in a dwelling inhabited only by women.
[] =The radiance.
]S[]TY[ = The light that moves against the wind.
]B[][ = Changes in one’s shadow after one’s lover has departed in anger.
]KD[]X[ = Winter moonlight, refracted by a glass vessel filled with the beverage ]NK[]T[.
]PS[]L[ = A drug used by women to dilate the iris of the eye.
]DpY[ = Containers to be opened in total darkness.
]MN[]X[ = Temporary visions consequent upon trephining.
]L[]L[]X[ = The fovea of the retina; amnesia.
]H[]F[ = Stropharia cubensis.
]DR[]KL[ = Phosphorescence of one’s father, exposed after death.
]F[]X[ = A memory of the color violet, reported by those blinded in early infancy.
]TS[]H[ = Shadow cast by the comet ]XT[ upon the surface of the sun.
]R[]D[ = An afterimage.**
]N[][]T[ = The twenty-four heartbeats before the first heartbeat of sunrise.
]B[]NM[ = Mute.***

** Also used as a classifier of seeds.
*** Standing epithet of ancestral deities.


Poem following the technique called “cadaver exquisito”, using phrases from Hollis Frampton’s “A Stipulation of Terms from Maternal Hopi“.