Poems: Mother



The little girl in the water surrounded by blood
The brothers who were never born

never born

once upon a time
I asked the moon to bring me
a little girl wearing a red swimsuit
And I turned you into a talisman
To carry my pain and my sorrow

The bromeliads dwelled in
That infinite balcony
This perpetual void

If your heart cried, I didn’t hear it
My dry soul was digging through the corpses of the brothers who were never born

never born


Rice and cheese
The craving of your belly
colourless food and hesitation
Mommy, I don’t feel you
Mommy, I don’t see you

I cannot be your longing, nor can I be your talisman
Please, release me
Let me go


Espacio trémulo

Espacio trémulo
Surrounded by howls
Bursting through the cracks
And the barking of the dogs
The mark on the wall
The gun

The cloistered fear in your green eyes
I do not know how, but I’ll take you with me
I will put you on my back along my journey

It’s a weight with the scent of a mother
Salty weeping on a waterless land
No need for flowers, no caresses
Love was shared between withered words and hot food

We always return to our espacio trémulo
That also runs through your soul
The sky is too high
Do not try to climb it or you could fall
Thunder and throat
made you tough

I touched the water
turning it into ice
I’m stuck here, mom

Even if I don’t breathe, I’m still alive
Trembling to the beat of your own heart
Like a dying animal
Bouncing sleepless on your chest



Once the beginning
The path to the end is still invisible
I’m a little girl from the moon


A warm feeling
The oatmeal for breakfast
I go to your bed at midnight
We dance together in the middle of the room
My arms don’t reach your neck

Sometimes the phone rings
And I think of the scar on your forehead
Your big glasses
The crossword and the hot coffee on Sunday

We are flare
Gunpowder and gasoline
Take care of me like one of your flowers
Love me like you love the sea
Even if I choke on your words
Or the absence of wind
whispering love

Who I am
I do not know yet
I’m a little girl from the moon
The one with the green eyes
And love armoured by velvet ropes


Published by Cherry Adam

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