Poems VIII & IX: Winter Light & Dazed

Poems III

Have you noticed the winter light?

Have you noticed the winter light?
How bright and clean everything seems
It feels like a breath of relief
Frozen in time<

You walk around the park
And the light resounds among the trees
The sea reflects the loneliness
Longing, dreaming



I dreamed of an elevator
made of wooden walls
The sky was pink
Is this me counting the layers of time?
I saw my brother and the water was crystalline
A dreamlike tale
My hands are full of spikes
From the cactuses in the garden
It ain’t funny when you think of the symbolic
Caring for something that hurts you without knowing
The music is coming from an empty apartment
A lonesome celebration
Beautifully dazed
I miss something

…but I don’t know where I left it

Published by Cherry Adam

Moody experimentalist. Hypersensitive & Noir moments Poetry, Essays & Sound Experimentation Freelance Music Journalist

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