Poems V & VI: The Cycle & Last Night

Poems II

The Cycle

Something is happening
The plants are dying
Not all flowers can be sad
The sun is too bright
The cold too harsh

You are in the middle of everything

The fourth floor
I thought
”close to the sky and the moon”
But the plants are dying
And the flowers are mirroring the horror

Despite all my care?
And the water?
The melodies and the little kisses

You are in the middle of everything

Just like that
The cycle is over
time to go
Don’t you see?

It is time to go


Last night

I haven’t cried in such a long time
And the tears are harsh and hurt my face
My back is killing me
My neck is stiff as a corpse
The stomach feels tightened

My body is heavy
It carries painful memories
and a million expectations
Is this what loneliness feels like?

The glass is full
But the only pink thing is the wine
The scars are beating like little worms


Tomorrow will be better, I guess
The doctor will give me medicine
The pain will be purple,
it will dissipate

Will the birds sing that song?
Which one?
The one that never ends

It is hard to remember the words
I forget your face and the sound
Of your steps
Leaving me

Close the door
Leave the light on

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