The Great John Cage Project

The Great John Cage Project is inspired by 4’33”, the famous three-movement composition by American experimental composer John Cage. Rather than playing an instrument, the piece consists of sounds’ environment that the listeners hear while it is performed.

John Wills is the mind behind this unique —quarantine inspired— project that invites contributors from around the world to share their 4:33 recordings in the Coronavirus era (by sending their audio files to John shares them on his podcast every Wednesday.

If you are following my quarantine journey (read the three parts here, here, and here) you know that a big part of my experience –amid these unusual times— has been related to sounds. I love the idea and I sent a field recording of Barcelona during the lockdown (between April/May 2020.) My sound compilation is featured on Episode 5 (Link below). The audio includes:

  • The dissonance of the rain in my patio
  • A little child playing ‘La Cucaracha’ in her xylophone
  • My neighbour listening to Mexican songs (rancheras) in her old radio
  • Birdsong
*It was a very rough recording on my phone.

Additionally, I did a mini-mix of the recording featured on Episode 5 + a new compilation. This time, besides birdsong, you can hear a lion roaring, my dog walking, a low sustained sound by a big boat at a distance, people talking, and church bells.




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