Interview – Nick Oliveri (Mondo Generator)

Nick Oliveri-Interview

These are strange times. The world as we know it is changing in front of our eyes.

Our understanding of what’s normal is mutating. In fact, we are unable to comprehend but feeling very deeply what surrounds us. Subnoise asked me to interview Nick Oliveri after the release of the new Mondo Generator‘s album, Fuck It, and the revision of Shooters Bible.


A silence of almost a decade between Hell Comes To Your Heart and Fuck It, in addition to Shooters Bible: What is your current state of mind?

Above all, Feeling a bit swirly and weird. We’re all fucked, and nothing’s ever gonna be the same again. Most importantly, soon we won’t have to face anymore and deal with any more people passing and getting sick.

*I know these questions came before the COVID-19 thing. I’m sorry. I’m getting these in so late.

What is your greatest regret?

Certainly, I don’t really have any regrets. I forgive myself if I’ve ever done anything wrong to the world or to anybody else. Above all, I just try to do the right thing when I can.

Why rescue Shooters…?

Hell Comes to Your Heart got 200 pressed, and then 100 more. Now, it’s 300 pressed on vinyl worldwide. It’s long gone and out of print, and not many people have it. I think it should reach more people and I hope it does.

You’ve said that ‘Fuck It’ is the best Mondo Generator album so far, what makes it so unique?

Well, Steve Thee Slayer Hippy” Hanford from Poison Idea produced it, which makes it unique. He’s a great drummer. Feel the Darkness is one of the greatest hardcore records of all time. He produced that years ago. Plus, Mike Pygmie helped me write the record. This time was more like a band effort.

Nick Oliveri is saying ‘fuck it’

What is your motto?

Take no shit. That’s my motto. And, consequently, try to enjoy yourself. Have a good time. The world’s fucked and good times are few and far between these days.

Are you saying “Fuck It” to someone, to something?

Actually, I’m saying fuck it. It’s just like a fuck it, man. Thus, It is what it is, you know, that kind of vibe.

Some reviews are saying that the band is flowing between psychedelic rock, Dead Kennedy-ish / Stooges punk sound: What are the muses?

Right on. That’s a great compliment. I take that as a huge mix. I like psychedelic rock. I like the Dead Kennedys, and I love The Stooges. Iggy Pop. Great.

Well, the muses for ‘Fuck It’ are stuff from my early bands, KYUSS, QOTSA and Dwarves. Likewise, the lyrics are about things I’ve gone through. Further, having some fun and trying different moods, some heavy shit. There’s bad stuff, intense stuff. It’s all dark matter.

What are the trio’s plans now that these two albums have been released?

Now that the two albums have been released, we were planning on touring more. We were gonna go to Spain and Portugal, Ireland and places we didn’t hit on the last Euro tour. We had some stuff planned in the States, but that’s all taking a backseat.

Trying to plan the future (if possible)

Is Nick Oliveri planning to focus on Mondo Generator from now on?

Certainly, I plan on doing it consistently. Moreover, it’s gonna be a tough time to get shows back up and running again. Most clubs are gonna be closed. Those ‘mom and pop’ places are gonna be shut down. Smaller clubs that Mondo Generator plays at.

For instance, I play in Dwarves, in Mondo and in Blast. Above all, I try to do as much as I can. Mondo Generator and QOTSA are doing stuff on the ground. To sum up, I’ve been with them for 17 years.

Is there any other collaboration or musical project on the horizon?

First of all, I’ve been playing bass on a record with Thee Slayer Hippy on drums. I’m playing bass, and I sing a song too. It’s preaching cool stuff. Good hardcore. Secondly, I just sang a song for an Italian band this morning. And last but not least, I’d like to work with Mark Lanegan again. Chris Goss would be great. People like that I’d like to work with again.

“Thank you for your questions. These are pretty cool, and you give a good interview…Anyways, I’m feeling weird. Have a good day, Stay safe out there. Hopefully, we can meet. Health and cheers you all. Bye.”

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